You’ve heard it yelled at many sporting events, and so have I, except I’m the ref, and thus it’s being yelled at me. I am a current official for basketball, lacrosse, and volleyball for college, club, and recreational leagues.

“C’Mon Ref!” I’ve heard it yelled at Officials so many times, that I decided to develop an idea for all to have an input, and gain values from each participant. I started C’ as a place where you can come learn the rules of your sport, voice your opinion, inquire for rules clarification, and hopefully get a full interpretation/understanding about it.

C’ will also feature activewear, Ref’s gear, and sporting apparel on the site, plus information about upcoming tournaments, events, clinics for players and officials, updated sport medical information, sports blogs, etc.

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    The rules of basketball can vary slightly depending on the level of play (for example professional rules differ from college rules)


    One 11-man team has possession of the football. It is called the offense and it tries to advance the ball down the field-by running with the ball or throwing it


    IFAB currently acknowledges 17 laws of soccer that are the standard for any professional or international match played.


    The goal of the game is to score points by grounding the ball on the opponent’s court, or by having the other team commit a fault.

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